Bright star of the Century--Cupid's

Mission、Innovation、Traditional We strive to provide care and love, a conducive environment for the acquisition of knowledge, especially in the fields of ICT and entrepreneurship. We pledge to create a knowledgeable society thereby contributing to the growth of our community. We are dedicated to provide the best available service to our students, promoting acquisition of knowledge for all.

Team Spirit at Cupid’s Academy: We are a team of dedicated experts in the fields of ICT, counseling, research and other varied fields. The team spirit at Cupid’s Academy is extremely remarkable, thereby blending the expertise in many fields for the benefit of our students. Our students will enjoy the expert input of many specialists in our services.

Our Service: We provide guidance and tuition in ICT and entrepreneurship. We target our services to students, teachers, entrepreneurs by providing a comprehensive learning environment.

Our Aspirations We aspire to be always innovative, forward looking, providing services relevant to the times and the future. In this way, we hope to enable all our students to enrich their lives, thereby creating a better society.

CEO Sulley Lo